The Compensation and Sustainability Committee is appointed by Elekta’s Board of Directors and prepares matters regarding remuneration principles, remuneration and other terms of employment for company management, evaluates the program for variable remuneration and application of the guidelines of remuneration of senior executives.


The Compensation and Sustainability Committee consists of four members appointed by the board at the first board meeting following the election of the board by the annual general meeting of shareholders for a term of one year. The members of the committee are Laurent Leksell, who is also the chairman of the committee, Wolfgang Reim, Caroline Leksell Cooke and Cecilia Wikström. In addition to the committee members, the President and CEO, the Executive Vice President Human Resources as well as Chief Compliance and Integrity Officer and Global Sustainability Manager attend the committeés meetings. The vice President of Comensation & Benefits serves as secretary for the committee.The President and CEO also attends the committee’s meetings and the EVP Human Resources serves as secretary for the committee.


The compensation and sustainability committee shall prepare the Board of Director’s motions on issues relating to remunera- tion principles, remuneration and other terms and conditions of employment for the executive management. In relation to sus- tainability, the committee shall, inter alia, monitor the mea- sures to strengthen corporate culture with respect to corporate social responsibility in the light of the Company’s code of con- duct as well as advise the President and CEO on proposals for targets and vision for sustainability.

Refer to Elekta’s Corporate Governance Report for more information about the Committee’s work, meeting attendance, etc. during 2019/20.

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